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February 24, 2018

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What is an Animal Behaviourist?

October 6, 2017

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What Is The Behaviour Modification Process?

A Behaviour Modification Consultation is what is required if you are dealing with problem behaviour with your pet. This style of consultation will look into the root cause of the issue, increase your understanding on what the problem actually is and advise on how to solve and fix the unwanted behaviour. The result is happier people and happier pets.


As an Animal Behaviourist I act as a kind of interpreter for your pet. This provides a vital communication link that is missing between you and your pet. Once you have a full understanding of the problem I then equip you with the skills necessary to solve and fix it so that your pet is content once again. This can usually be done in around 1 hour per behavioural issue.


Behaviour Modification is a stepped process which allows for results to be realised. This process has been tried and tested for over a decade so we are sure that we are helping you and your pet in the best way possible. It is efficient, affordable and WORKS!


Step 1: Pre-consultation evaluation of your pet and personal situation:


Before I even see you or your pet you will be asked to complete a Modification Behaviour questionnaire. This will give me the ‘full story’ of not only the situation or issue you are concerned with but also and very importantly your lifestyle, routine