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A Dog Behaviourist is a professionally trained and qualified Dog Psychologist who holds professional memberships and accreditations in their field. Anyone can call themselves a Behaviourist even Dog Trainers, but a proper Dog Behaviourist or Dog Psychologist is formally educated and qualified in the field of Dog Behaviour and animal psychology by a regulatory authority.  

A Dog Behaviourist or Dog Behaviour Specialist is skilled in understanding and shaping behaviours in pets and generally works with dogs displaying behaviour problems. They can quickly recognise why your dog is behaving the way they do, and can effectively teach you how to firstly, understand and then work with you and your dog to rectify problem behaviours. Dog Psychologists are experts in behaviour modification and have a deep understanding of dog psychology and the behaviour traits of the particular breed of dog being treated. In addition, they spend a lot of time counselling dog owners about the correct way to interact with their dog for the different behaviour problem that the owners are experiencing. They are not trainers but are often able to give advice about dog behaviour training.


My name is Dionna Newton, I am an Animal Behaviourist and founder of Animal Behaviour Australia. I help people to understand their pet and how to solve behaviour problems often in just 90 minutes. I have over 15 years of experience undertaking animal behaviour consultations as a Pet Psychologist. I am originally from the UK and have a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree. My Honours project focused on animal behaviour. I started some training ​in Animal Psychology at university and then trained specifically on Pet Animal Psychology through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) – a training college that specifically teaches Pet Animal Behaviour. I am also a member of COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers (CAPBT).

As a Dog Behaviourist I know how dogs think.  Some people call us Dog Whisperers but we are trained Dog Psychologists who understand how animals think, feel and why they do the things that they do.  We know how to solve problem behaviours and can also prevent problems from taking hold.  The result is happier pets, happier owners and better communication between the two.


What we offer, is a service where you meet a Dog Behaviourist one-on-one in your own home, at a time convenient for you no matter where you live in Australia. In just 90 minutes, we will assess your pet and your unique situation via video-call. We can see first-hand how your dog acts, without them knowing that they are being assessed, which enables us to design a tailor-made plan for you to solve and prevent problem behaviours. 


Seeing how your pet behaves normally is actually more important for us than seeing your pet performing unwanted behaviour! Looking at your pet’s innate personality and normal behaviour allows us to prepare a more targeted plan of action which will work for them. This proven method allows us to get to the bottom of the root cause quickly, enabling us to design a tailor-made treatment plan for you to work from. After your consultation, you will have a full understanding of your pet’s behaviour problems, why and how they have established and how to rectify their unwanted behaviour. With the tools taught to you by our Dog Behaviourist along with time practicing at home with your pet, you will be fully empowered to successfully change your pets unwanted behaviour. 


You will have a customised Behaviour Modification Plan which is specific for your own unique dog. This will have been built with your input to ensure that you are happy that you can action the plan on the day to day, otherwise it is pointless. 


Dog Behaviour Training is different from normal dog training which will comprise of obedience training or teaching a dog to perform a specific task regardless of the dog’s own specific behaviour traits. This is why dog training can be done with a group of dogs at once in a class setting. It is not individual dog specific. Every dog is unique. Dog Behaviour Training takes into account your dog’s specific personality, how to effectively communicate to your specific dog and what will best motivate your dog. Dog Trainers may also run one-on-one dog training sessions however this is still not Dog Behaviour Training if they do not have training in Dog Psychology. 


Your Dog Behaviour Specialist will build your customised dog behaviour training plan for your dog with your input as to what is achievable for you. You will then practice at home with your dog and will be fully empowered to successfully change your dog's unwanted behaviour problems.


If you need any more information or have any questions then please get in contact with us. Otherwise, you can book a behaviour consultation by clicking the “Book Appointment” button below.


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