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We are offering you the opportunity to meet one on one with a qualified Animal Behaviourist in your own home, at a time convenient to you, no matter where you live in Australia. We will assess your pet and your unique situation via videocall. This proven method allows us to get to the bottom of the root cause quickly, enabling us to design a tailor made solution and plan for you to work from.

Browse consultation details, choose your date and time, and prepare to be Happy People, Wagging Tails, and Purring Felines!

STEP 1   Choose your pet type

STEP 2   Choose your appointment type and click BOOK NOW your appointment 

STEP 3   Complete the behaviour questionnaire for your pet 

STEP 4   Have your consultation

Optional extra: Written Behaviour Modification Plan - This can be booked separately via the Learning Zone

For how the video call Consultations work, click here.  Please choose your consultation carefully because we cannot provide refunds. We can accommodate rescheduling if a minimum of 48 hours' notice is given.

If you want a written Behaviour Modification Plan prepared you can book this in advance or within 48 hours after your consultation. Head to the Learning Zone to book your Behaviour Modification Plan (BMP).

Tip: Click monthly view in the booking calendar for more appointments.

Attention Dog Owners - Please Note:

Council Dangerous Dog Notices:

Animal Behaviour Australia does not get involved in assessing your dog re appealing against a dangerous dog notice issued by your local Council. 

Inter-Dog Aggression:

Do you have two dogs that fight, or don't get along in the same household? If so, please select the Inter-Dog Aggression Consultation. Both dogs need to be assessed, therefore, this consultation costs a little more. 

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Not Sure If We Can Help You?

If you have any questions regarding our services or have specific questions before making a booking then please send an email. We endeavour to get back to you shortly.

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