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Inter-Dog Aggression Behaviour Consult

For two dogs not getting along in the same household.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 495 Australian dollars
  • Video Call

Service Description

PRE-ASSESSMENT OF EACH OF YOUR DOGS+ 1.5 HOUR BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATION (FOR BOTH DOGS) + 30 MIN FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION. This video call consultation will address Inter-dog aggression (your dog’s likelihood of fighting). You will learn what motivates your dogs to behave in this manner, and learn the techniques to modify the unwanted behaviour using a realistic, tailored and fun approach. Inter-dog aggression cases are complex, but don't fear. The pre-assessment allows me to work out relevant motivations and start designing you a plan. During the consultation, I assess both of your dogs. Together, we will develop a plan for your dogs that takes into account their individual personalities and your particular situation, enabling you to move forward successfully. You can take your own written notes. Every plan designed for an Inter-dog aggression case is unique because no two situations, or dogs, are the same. You require a tailored approach with a trained eye. Generic information is unlikely to fix your problem, and it is prudent to fix it quickly. Quite frankly, you cannot afford to get it wrong! If you are experiencing Inter-dog aggression with your dogs, at any level, I strongly advise you take immediate action to rectify the issues you have identified. By doing so, you will prevent your situation from worsening, and will be given advice on how to prevent other related problems from arising. Inter-dog aggression is not something you want to experience. A tailored approach and quick intervention are key. Before your consultation, you will be asked to complete information on each of your dogs that will be reviewed ahead of your session. The pre-assessment in Inter-dog aggression cases is vital. This is how I assess your case, work out relevant motivations, and start designing your plan. Please make sure you complete the information thoroughly, and provide as much detail as possible. After your consultation, one 30 minute Follow Up Consultation, will ensure that you are executing your plan as advised, haven’t misinterpreted anything, and allows us to vary aspects of the plan, if required. This is important to check sure you are on the right track to success. The Follow Up is normally conducted 4-6 weeks after your main consultation, but the Follow Up for an Inter-dog aggression case can be organised more quickly. This is case dependant.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your appointment or change your mind refunds are not provided. You can however can reschedule your appointment free of charge up to 48 hrs prior to the start time of your appointment. This can be done yourself by logging into the Members Zone 48 hrs before your appointment.

Contact Details

+61 455264625


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