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Our Services Are Available Australia Wide



Do you want to get the best from your pet? Are you struggling with problematic behaviour? CLICK on the video play button above.

We empower you with the skills you need - specifically tailored to you and your situation - to get the best relationship you can with your pet.

We provide consultations, Australia wide, over video calls so that it doesn't matter where you live we can help you. 

We do some in-clinic appointments however have found that a video call consultation works best as we get to see your pet as they behave normally at home, without them knowing we are watching them, so we see their 'true' normal behaviour. This can be very effective and allows us to understand your problem quickly, enabling us to find the right solution for your particular case. It's also more convenient as it doesn't matter where in the world you are!

Here's how it works and if you would like to include your vet in the process download a Vet Referral Form here.

We can help you prevent potential problematic behaviour or advise on how to modify an existing one. Find out more on each and see how I can help you. 










Book a Consultation via the booking form

Select the consultation that is most relevant to you and choose a date & time that suits you.

Details of the consultation types are below.


Payment is taken at the time of booking, please allow 48 hours for rescheduling.

Complete your Client Questionnaire


Upon booking your consultation you'll receive a link to complete a questionnaire.


Please provide as much information as you can as this helps us to understand your individual circumstances, routine and personality of your pet. If possible, please also upload videos to demonstrate problems. This allows us to analyse your particular issues in detail. 

Face to face Consultation via Video Call

We provide Consultations over Video Call (Skype is our preferred system).

Video consultations are more effective than in- person as it allows us to see you, your pet's normal behaviour and the home environment. Seeing your pet as it behaves normally is more important for us than seeing them perform the unwanted behaviour.

The process we follow allows us to gain detailed information from you prior to the consultation, and you can get access to a Behaviourist no matter where you live at a time that is convenient to you!

Purchase a Personalised Behaviour Report

A BMP  or Behaviour Modification Plan details your bespoke plan to change your pet's unwanted behaviour for implementation.

The BMP is step-by-step instructions of what you need to do to change your pet's behaviour.

This is bookable separate to your consultation. Please book within 24 hours after your consultation. 

Book a Follow-up session & provide Feedback

A follow-up session is bookable via the booking form and is suitable for anyone who wants to check their newly acquired skills are being implemented correctly. 

In some cases we will recommend a follow up session if a pet or scenario requires it. 

We provide an Evaluation form at the end of the process. We would appreciate you completing it.






How it works
The Process




If you are bringing home a puppy/kitten or new adopted pet, will soon be introducing a new baby to the family, or expect any changes to your current lifestyle such as job or house move, then preventative action would be recommended.


A Preventative consultation is like getting a behavioural vaccination and is just as important as vaccinating your pet against disease. 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. Behaviour issues will compromise the relationship that you have with your pet on a daily basis. We want you to have a problem free pet and enjoy your relationship to the fullest. You can avoid behaviour problems. Identify and prevent issues even before they start!

This consultation is suitable for pets of any age, regardless of how long you have owned them. No matter how experienced you are as a pet owner, each pet is different and clients who have had a preventative consultation feel they have got exceptional value for money in this one-off service - "happy to have dodged a potential bullet" as one has said! Think of it as learning to drive a new car that you have bought. You know how to drive but each car is different!

We will look at your particular situation and the characteristics of your pet and advise how to build the best possible relationship between you both.

Your consultation covers:

  • The best ways to build socialisation skills with people and other animals

  • How to introduce new experiences or routines without creating fear and anxiety

  • The most effective ways to avoid common problems: excessive barking, digging, separation anxiety, or destruction to the home or garden

  • Top tips for getting the most out of training, and much more...




If you are struggling to cope with your pet's unwanted behaviour, do not despair. We will work with you to understand the underlying issues that are causing the behaviour and equip you to modify them.

We know you love your pet - that's why you're here - and WE CAN help you!

Having a pet is like being in a relationship: you love them but sometimes they can drive you crazy! It’s great when you’re in tune and getting along, but it can make your life miserable if things start going wrong and you can’t see eye to eye.

Does this sound familiar? Your loved one plays up to get attention, or they scare easily, or they’re stuck in a bad routine, or they’re short tempered; or they wreck your stuff; or they’re noisy when you want quiet; or they just never seem to listen!

We can provide help & advice on the following:

  • Excessive barking

  • Destructive behaviour

  • Nervousness to people or other animals

  • Anxiety, fears and phobias

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Aggression, including towards other dogs

  • Anti-social or unruly behaviour

  • Hyper-excitability

  • Compulsive or repetitive behaviour

  • Inappropriate urination, soiling or spraying

Using an approach pioneered in the UK called EMRA™ We will determine the psychology behind what is driving this behaviour and find a suitable alternative behaviour for them to exhibit in its place. Teaching you to understand the drivers of the behaviour is key. We show you how to solve the unwanted behaviour using fun, motivating solutions.

After your consultation we can prepare a written personalised, realistic Behaviour Modification Plan for you to work from. This is designed with you to ensure that it is achievable within your daily schedule. This is optional and can take up to two weeks to prepare. Follow up support can also be provided to make sure you remain on track to success. You are not alone; we are in this together!

Vet Referrals



If you would like to book a consultation via a referral from your Vet, we happily work with all Vets and will treat all information in the strictest confidence. We also encourage Vets to be proactive and refer when they see a client in need of help.


It is advisable to get a medical veterinary check to ensure that no medical issues are contributing to the behaviour that your pet is displaying. Depending on the nature of your consultation it may be necessary for us to liaise with your Vet. We then have your pets medical history to work from and your Vet and us will work together to make sure that your pet gets the best possible care and you are on track for success.

You can help streamline the process by clicking on the PDF icon to download the Vet Referral Form, take it to your Vet to complete, then send it back to us at your earliest convenience. Please then book an appointment and complete the process as standard. 


Cotact Me



If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to know more information before making a booking then please send an email and we will get back to you shortly.

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