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Dogs need both physical and mental exercise - exercise for the brain! If they are to be happy and heathly and for you to avoid behavioural problems! If not they can get bored. Is your dog left alone at home a lot? or always looking for things to entertain themselves even when you are home which is driving you mad?  You need to provide them with something to do whilst you are gone or if you are too busy to enterain them. If not, they will most likely find a way to entertain themselves which might not meet with your approval such as; digging holes in your garden; destorying your shoes or pot plants, destroy furniture or pulling the washing off the line etc. If this sounds familiar, then the Mental Stimulation - Exercise For The Brain Behaviour Guide is for you. This 11 page Behaviour Guide teaches you a range of techniques to keep your pet entertained for hours even when your not at home! It is an invaluable resourse for anyone who ones a dog and is especially useful for those who own young dogs.

Behaviour Guide - Mental Stimulation - Exercise for the Brain

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