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Cat Behaviour Specialist
Cat Behaviour Problems


A Cat Behaviour Specialist is a professionally trained and qualified Animal Behaviourist. They hold professional memberships and accreditations in their field. A Cat Behaviour Specialist is formally educated and qualified in the field of Cat Behaviour and Animal Behaviour by a regulatory authority. It's important to research the training your Cat Behaviourist has completed, as unfortunately, anyone can claim to be one.

A Cat Behaviour Specialist or Cat Behaviourist is skilled in understanding and shaping behaviours in a cat. They typically work with cats displaying behaviour problems. A professionally trained Cat Behaviour Specialist can quickly recognise why your cat is behaving the way they do. They specialise in educating you on understanding the factors that motivate drive and influence your cat's negative behaviour. They work alongside you to help you rectify the problematic behaviours your cat is exhibiting. A Cat Behaviourist specialises in cat behaviour and is an expert in behaviour modification.

A Cat Behaviour Specialist has a deep understanding of cat psychology and the behaviour traits of the particular breed of the cat being treated. Cat Behaviour Specialist guide and support cat owners in cultivating positive interactions with their cats and effectively address and eliminate unwanted behaviours. With a wide range of cat behaviour problems encountered, the experienced Cat Behaviourist's training is complemented by their wealth of experience.


My name is Dionna Newton, I am an Animal Behaviourist and founder of Animal Behaviour Australia. And I love cats! I help people to understand their pet and how to solve behaviour problems often in just 90 minutes. I have over 20 years of experience undertaking animal behaviour consultations as a Pet Psychologist. I am originally from the UK and have a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree. My Honours project focused on animal behaviour. I started some training ​in Animal Behaviour at university and then trained specifically on Pet Animal Psychology through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) – a training college that specifically teaches Pet Animal Behaviour. I am a member of CABTI (COAPE Association of Behaviourists and Trainers International).

Dionna Newton - Cat Behaviour Specialist

​​As a Cat Behaviour Specialist, I know how cats think. Some people call us Cat Whisperers, but we are trained Cat Behaviour specialists who understand how animals think, feel, and act the way they do. We know how to solve problem behaviours and can also prevent problems from even taking hold. The result is happier cats, happier owners and better communication between the two.


A service where you meet a Cat Behaviour Specialist one-on-one in your own home, at a time convenient for you. No matter where you live in Australia. In just 90 minutes, our Cat Behaviour Specialist will assess your cat and your unique situation via video-call. They see first-hand how your cat acts without disturbing their natural state. The assessment must be conducted without your cat's knowledge. This enables our Cat Behaviour Specialist to design a tailor-made plan to resolve and prevent problem behaviour problems in your unique cat. 

For a Cat Behaviour Specialist, observing your cat's normal behaviour is actually more crucial than witnessing unwanted behaviour. Crazy right? It is vitally important for a Cat Behaviourist to look at your cat’s innate personality and normal behaviour traits. This allows them to prepare a targeted plan of action specifically for your individual and unique cat. This proven method allows a Cat Behaviour Specialist to get to the bottom of the root cause quickly and enables them to help you design a tailor-made treatment plan to work from.

Happy Cat

After your consultation, you will have a full understanding of your cat’s behaviour problems, why and how they have established and how to rectify their unwanted behaviour. With the tools taught to you by our Cat Behaviour Specialist, along with dedicated practice at home with your cat, you will be fully empowered to change your cat's unwanted behaviour successfully.

Your Cat Behaviour Specialist will build your customised cat behaviour plan for your cat with your input, taking into account what is achievable for you and in your home environment. You will then practice with your cat at home and will be fully empowered to successfully change your cat's unwanted behaviour problems.

You have a customised plan in hand, specific to your unique cat. This plan is built with your input to ensure that you are happy that you can action the plan on the day-to-day, otherwise it is pointless. 

No two cats are the same. Even if two cats suffer from the same behavioural condition, each plan prepared will be different for each and every cat.  

Online Behaviour Consultation

If you need any more information or have any questions, then please get in contact with us via email. Otherwise, you can book a Cat Behaviour Consultation by clicking the “Book Appointment” button below.



At Animal Behaviour Australia we are committed to rectifying the cause of your cat’s behaviour problem. To enable you to move forward positively with a problem-free cat. Dealing with symptoms alone does not rectify the underlying cause or address motivating factors resulting in your cat’s unwanted behaviour. We advise that you seek help to address BOTH the cause and symptoms by booking a Behaviour Consultation for your cat with our Cat Behaviour Specialist. A targeted treatment plan will be provided for your particular cat and situation. Each cat and situation are different, so each and every plan is different. A Behaviour Consultation does not cost as much as you might expect. Get help for your cat. BOOK NOW!!


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