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The socialisation and desensitisation checklist is a great tool to make sure that your puppy or new dog is well socialised, and to prevent fears and anxiety when they experience new things.The aim of the game is to expose your puppy / new dog to as many new experiences as possible in a fun and positive way without overwhelming them. The checklist comes with full instructions so that you know how to use it properly to set your dog up to be well adjusted, confident and a socail butterfly. Use the socialisation checklist as a worksheet to tick off each new experience and remember to repeat the new experience several times to gain more ticks. This is also an invaluable resource and a MUST HAVE for those with a puppy within the Sensitive Period of Development (between 3 - 16 weeks of age), as your puppy is very impressionable - done correctly, we can shape them to accept all new experiences as positive.

Socialisation and Desensitisation Checklist

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