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My name is Dionna, I am a Pet Psychologist. I help people to understand their pet and how to solve behaviour problems often in just one hour.

As a trained Animal Behaviourist I’ve worked with 100’s and 100’s of pet owners across the UK, Australia and worldwide. Like Dr....

A Behaviour Modification Consultation is what is required if you are dealing with problem behaviour with your pet. This style of consultation will look into the root cause of the issue, increase your understanding on what the problem actually is and advise on how to so...

The evolution of behaviour help: Using modern technology to get superior results.

The way I have worked as an Animal Behaviourist has evolved over time. The same as any other profession, you have to adapt and evolve, continually moving forward to improve the way that yo...

The Behaviour Vaccination. Who needs one?

  1. You

  2. You

  3. You

  4. All of the above.

If everyone had a preventative consultation then my life would be much simpler and more to the point so would yours!

The best way to describe the importance of a Preventative Con...

It’s quite simple. To help animals and to help pet owners Australia wide.

Firstly I want to educate the Australian public on what an Animal Behaviourist is and how they can help you with your pet.

The second thing is to provide help to anyone, anywhere!

For a decade I hav...

What does an Animal Behaviourist do? We look at what your pet thinks, feels and motivates them to perform certain behaviour. Modifying problem behaviour in dogs, cats, pets providing fun, motivating solutions. We also can conduct preventative consultations designed to...

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October 6, 2017

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