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What Is Preventative Behaviour? The Behaviour Vaccination

The Behaviour Vaccination. Who needs one?

  1. You

  2. You

  3. You

  4. All of the above.

If everyone had a preventative consultation then my life would be much simpler and more to the point so would yours!

The best way to describe the importance of a Preventative Consultation is that you are getting a behaviour vaccination. You need to vaccinate your pet against disease to prevent it from getting ill. Well a preventative behaviour consultation helps you to avoid many, many potential behaviour problems with your pet. They are by far the best value for money consultations. I get asked by people if they need one if they have owned a pet before. Yes, you do.

You may be an experienced pet owner but each pet is different. What makes one person tick may not make another person tick….This is the same with animals. I have had people say things like 'Well I have owned four Collies so I know them pretty well so why would I need one of these?’ And in the same breath say ‘I don't understand what is up with Molly she seems different to my others'. How I explain it is that in the human world, you can get sisters who act almost identically and others who are polar opposities in their thinking.

Another way to look at it is that most of us can drive a car, however some drive better than others and we all have to learn the individual quirks with our specific car to avoid potential disasters! Well I can teach you how to drive your specific pet effectively and avoid disasters! So, why not be proactive? It makes sense.

A preventative vaccination is suitable for any pet at any age and it doesn’t matter how long you have owned them for. Behaviour problems do not manifest overnight. Your pet could be years old and appear fine but potential problems could still be lurking that have not been identified.

You should especially consider getting a preventative vaccination if you have just got a new pet, are a pet angel and have just adopted a pet in need of a good home (which I fully support), have recently moved home, are about to have changes to your daily routine (new job etc), have recently acquired a new pet addition, or are expecting a baby. These are all prompts to get a preventative vaccination!

These are also great for when you see emerging issues. If your pet has started to behave strangely but you can't pinpoint the exact behaviour issue, get help fast to avoid a full blown behavioural issue. Delaying getting help until you are sure there is a problem is counterproductive. You will just create far more work for yourself and who wants that?! So don't delay, let's get to it early!

So to recap:

Who needs a Preventative Behaviour Vaccination with their pet?

A) You

B) You

C) You

D) All of the above.

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