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Why You Need Us!

Why You Need Us! Animal Behaviour Australia

My name is Dionna, I am a Pet Psychologist. I help people to understand their pet and how to solve behaviour problems often in just one hour.

As a trained Animal Behaviourist I’ve worked with 100’s and 100’s of pet owners across the UK, Australia and worldwide. Like Dr. Harry, I am a trained professional.

I developed Animal Behaviour Australia to drive a mission: To change the way that people ‘talk’ to their pet.

I have noticed that pet owners in Australia face three main issues when it comes to dealing with negative pet behaviour in their pet.

1. Lack understanding: Most people don’t understand the root cause behind their pet’s negative behaviour.

2. Lack direction: They lack a proven humane method of fixing problems.

3. Give up or look in the wrong places: They either put up with problems unnecessarily or give up on their pet. They may try to fix problems by wasting money and time on so-called gurus or expensive dog training.

Because of this Animal Behaviour Australia has developed and built an online consultation service and training platform accessible right across Australia to teach you to understand and communicate with your pet.


1. Provide the understanding: We teach you why your dog does what it does and how to talk to them – we bridge the communication barrier.

2. Provide direction: We spend time with you and your pet and show you how to overcome annoying behaviours.

3. Provide qualified help in solving problems: As qualified Animal Behaviourist’s we help you to understand the root cause and then how to solve, fix and prevent behavior problems.

We know you love your pet but sometimes they are a little misunderstood so we teach you with a proven online program to enable you to get back on track.


We are offering you the opportunity to meet one on one with a qualified Pet Psychologist in your own home, at a time convenient to you, no matter where you live in Australia. We will assess your pet and your unique situation via videocall. This proven method allows us to get to the bottom of the root cause quickly, enabling us to design a tailor made solution and plan for you to work from.

Why we do this?

Because we love animals. There is never a dull day and always animals to help!

We believe that relationships are important. Your pet is a part of your family and love is worth it!

Still not convinced?

Please watch our video which explains why video-calls are gaining superior results - helping people with behaviour problems and advice for their pets.

And visit our website to see out full story, qualifications, professional associations, client testimonies and case studies.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us to day to see how we can help you and your pet!


"Talking to Animals"

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