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February 24, 2018

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What is an Animal Behaviourist?

October 6, 2017

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Consultations Using Modern Technology?

The evolution of behaviour help: Using modern technology to get superior results.


The way I have worked as an Animal Behaviourist has evolved over time. The same as any other profession, you have to adapt and evolve, continually moving forward to improve the way that you do things. “The only thing that is constant is change”.


The journey:


In the UK, some clinics are large enough to employ their own Animal Behaviourists. I started out, trained and got experience in a large animal hospital where they had specialists working in all fields. There were various departments with experts dealing with all aspects of animal welfare such as heart, eyes, skin, bones and diseases etc., as well as people such as me who had trained specifically in behaviour. When I moved to Australia in 2006, even in Melbourne, clinics were a lot smaller than where I had come from, so I started working for a single practice as their behaviourist in a part-time capacity.


I moved to rural Victoria and clinics were smaller again. I then started operating as a consultant. This meant that I was no longer attached to a single clinic but serviced many clinics within the vicinity of which I lived. The clinics would refer behaviour problems to me. I continued with the same model when I moved to Tasmania. Sometimes I would see clients in their usual clinic or I would run behaviour clinics from the bigger practices and clients would travel to me at a particular clinic. I also conducted home visits if it was practical to do so.


Behaviour clinics would run on set days in the mornings. Due to their infrequency and restriction of appointment times I started to get a lot of owners in need of help who were unable to make an appointment due to other commitments. Some people needed more immediate help and waiting until the next clinic session was not ideal. To fill this gap I started to do phone consultations and this evolved into video call consultations.


What appeared to me at first to not be ideal, st